29 octobre 2009

Le retour de la momie ...

Candes-Saint-Martin, France

2 commentaires:

  1. This is so ... different, ;-). At first I did not get it at all ... I thought: Oh, Africa. Then I read the tags. Then I wondered if these are real people. Looked at the larger version. Now I am 99.999% sure these are statues.

    ... or not?

  2. You can be 100% sure. These are 3 meters high statues of a french artist named Guy Lorgeret. I saw them this summer in Candes-Saint-Martin, France. According to the artist, those 150 statues have no particular ethnic signs, even if people recognize african women.

    I was surprised to see those statues along the Loire, in a so quiet (and boring) village, but I found the three colors red-green-blue were interesting.